Event - 6/27 Miyamaso & Stonemill Matcha

Stonemill Matcha, together with ANA Air Restaurant welcomes Chef Hisato Nakahigashi from Miyamasou, a two-Michelin-star restaurant and inn outside of Kyoto, for our first event in our cafe.

This is a special event to share about the science behind umami. Chef Nakahigashi and Eijiro Tsukada, CEO of Stonemill Matcha, will present an educational talk on umami with tasting sessions of matcha and dashi, a Japanese soup stock.

Expected Event Schedule:

5:30pm: Door Open, a welcome matcha beverage will be served 6:00pm: Event Start:  Learning Through Tasting: Science Behind Deliciousness of Dashi and Matcha

  • Authentic Japanese Dashi (Tasting: Kombu dashi soup and Bonito dashi soup)
  • The science of Matcha (Tasting: Cold brew tencha)
  • Western Style Dashi, Soup stock with Bay Area local ingredients (Tasting: Western style dashi soup)
  • Miyama-sou's specialty "Owan" soup dish (Tasting: Miyama-sou's owan soup)

6:40pm: Q&A and interactive session with Chef Nakahigashi, accompanied by a matcha beverage  7:30pm: Event concludes

Each session consists of an educational talk and tasting.

*Due to the event nature, please note that no gluten-free or no substitutions are available
*Event schedule and contents are subject to change

Chef Nakahigashi is famous for his unique foraging style, which allows him to prepare cuisine that co-exists with nature by being conscious of the natural environment. He has trained across Europe for 6 years working for chefs like Michel Guerard and Alain Ducasse, and in Japan for Eiichi Takahashi (Hyotei 14th generation owner) and Yoshihiro Murata (Kikunoi 3rd generation owner). Chef Nakahigashi is the fourth generation owner of Miyamasou. He forages each morning to prepare dinner with ingredients that grow wildly on the mountain or can be sourced from within 13 miles of his kitchen. 

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