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Welcome to our cafe, a warmly-lit den resembling the Japanese cha-no-ma

In a Japanese home, the cha-no-ma is the center of the dwelling where people gather, dine, study, and rest. In the cha-no-ma, all are welcome with a cup of tea.

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Served hot or cold, for here or to go, and always crafted by hand

Our tea professionals use unique methods with meticulously sourced ingredients. Each tea leaf receives special treatment in order to curate the utmost vibrancy and flavor. As well as our traditional offerings, we serve our own distinctive beverages such as the Sparkling Matcha and Mizudashi (Cold Brew) .

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An eclectic mix of freshly prepared, Japanese-inspired fare

The breadth of our locally sourced menu spans from elevated takes on everyday Japanese fare like Katsu Sando and Machazuke. Our sweet items include pastries and mochi sweets made every day in our cafe.

Sweeten your celebrations with our pastries

You can now pre-order our delicious pastries, pie and cakes to enjoy at home or celebrate special occasions.

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Events with Stonemill Matcha

Stonemill Matcha would like to open up our space to guests who are seeking to hold private events. 

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Discover the delicate art of matcha preparation at our Slow Bar

In the center of our cafe, guests can watch as their matcha is poured and whisked in the customary method. Matcha prepared at the slow bar is accompanied with a small sweet.

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